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Catholics react to “LGBT” Christophobia on the Streets of Dublin!

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“LGBT” Christophobia

On Saturday 24th June last, participants in the “LGBT Pride” event in Dublin mockingly posed in front of the Calvary scene outside the church of Saint Mary of the Angels, Church Street. They also hung a rainbow scarf around the neck of the statue of the dying Christ. Afterwards, they triumphantly shared the photographs of this mockery (below) on Social Media.


This disgraceful act was hypocritically ignored by the media, which is constantly pushing the “LGBT” campaign against “homophobia”. But here we have a blatant act of Christophobia, and what does the media do? It conveniently turns a blind eye! Yet, how far is this mockery from the anti-Catholic mockery and destruction carried out by Spanish communists in 1930’s Spain (pictures below)?


Imagine the media outrage if this had been a mockery of an “LGBT” symbol! Imagine if this had been a Muslim or Jewish symbol, instead of the image of the crucified Christ! It would not be tolerated!

Public Act of Reparation

No Catholic can stand idly by while Christ is publicly mocked like this on the streets of Ireland! All the more so when it is Christ crucified Who is the object of this mockery. It is on the Cross that Christ gives the world the greatest evidence of His infinite Love – He is giving every drop of His Blood for the salvation of sinners.

Mindful of this, past generations of Dublin people built the Calvary in Church Street to thank Jesus for dying on the Cross for them. It was built in stone so that future generations of Irish people would not forget their “obligations to Our Divine Lord, Jesus Christ, Who sustained our fathers through centuries of trial”.

In order not to forget these obligations, a group of Catholics led by two priests of the Society of Saint Pius X went to Church Street on Saturday 8th July to publicly make up to Jesus Christ for this public insult to His love. There, they said the Rosary, recited an act of Reparation to the Sacred Heart and distributed flyers to explain their activity to the people of Dublin. Their action was an open rejection of Christophobia, which cannot be tolerated in our country!

Public act of reparation.

Prayer for those caught up in the “LGBT” illusion

Standing at the foot of the Cross, these Catholics could not, however, forget the words of Christ to His Father as He listened to the mockeries of His executioners at the original Calvary more than 2,000 years ago: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do”.

Only God knows to what extent these people actually knew what they were doing, but there is no doubt that they belong to an abandoned generation of Irish people which has been taught little or nothing about Jesus Christ and His Moral Law.

Therefore, they also prayed for the conversion of those people who are caught up in the “LGBT” illusion. They asked Our Lady to obtain for them the grace to turn away from their sinful life and towards Jesus Christ Who died for them on the Cross.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on Ireland!

Our Lady of Knock, pray for Ireland!

Saint Patrick, pray for Ireland!





  1. On my knees, I prayed

    Holy Spirit, enlighten the minds of those who who have false notions of sexuality and help them to understand that, if they accept themselves according to their biological nature, they will be happier, healthier and live longer. Help them also to realise that if the act on same sex attraction, the will cause harm and damage to themselves and to those they associate with in such behaviour. I ask this through Christ, Our Lord. Amen

  2. God is not mocked. Pride, in this case, may literally come before the destruction. May God lead those directly involved to individual repentance and an experience of forgiveness. The two priests of the SSPX who reportedly carried out an act of reparation for this sacrilege are to be commended. One wonders if the priests of the parish had anything to say in all of this? Thousands of Dubliners pass by this prominent Calvary shrine in front of the Capuchin Franciscan church on a daily basis. Please pray for those involved if you find yourself passing this busy spot for any reason and maybe pause also to reflect on the rotten fruits of 50 years of a “new springtime” of post-VII Catholicism.