God does not die!

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God does not die!

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Gabriel García Moreno, President of Ecuador, 1865-1875

“God does not die! – ¡Dios no muere!”

This was the reply of the dying Gabriel García Moreno, President of Ecuador, to his assassin who rushed on him, shouting: “Die, destroyer of liberty!” It was Friday, 6th August, 1875. Moreno died of his wounds a quarter of an hour later in the cathedral of Quito, at the altar of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows, having forgiven his murderer.

The Rights of God versus the Rights of Man

This last exchange between his assassin and himself summarises the whole political life of García Moreno, which was one, long, bitter struggle between the false freedom proposed by the Free-masonic French Revolution and the True Freedom offered by Christ through His Catholic Church. The Revolution had tried to replace the Rights of God with the Rights of Man as the basis of civil society. Everywhere, from France to the countries of the New World, this had resulted in slaughter, tyranny, chaos and constant instability. This was because, no longer based on God, the Source of the objective, unchanging Moral Law, nations were now based on the undefined Will of the People, which could manipulated and exploited by unscrupulous tyrants.

Simón Bolívar – independence… at the price of everything else

Simón Bolívar

By his military genius, the famous Simón Bolívar liberated the countries of South America from the tyranny of a nineteenth century Spanish King who had also declared himself independent of God’s Church. But after twenty years of “liberating”, he was forced to conclude: “Fellow citizens – I blush to say this – we have won independence, but at the price of everything else… America is ungovernable”. This was because Bolívar, though personally and privately religious, did not want to replace the Rights of Man with the Rights of God as the basis of civil society – he was too seduced by the idea of the sovereignty of the People. As Father Augustin Berthe, García Moreno’s biographer, remarked: “Despite his glorious title of Libertador, therefore, Bolívar was not a real liberator of nations. While he ejected from America the tyrants who had oppressed it in the name of a royal omnipotence, it was only to hand it over to a horde of lesser tyrants who crushed it in the name of a sovereign people”.

García Moreno – seek first the Kingdom of God and His justice

Thirty years after the death of Bolívar in 1830, Gabriel Garcia Moreno became President of Ecuador for the first time. Like Bolívar, he was fiercely patriotic and an energetic leader. However, unlike Bolívar, he was not seduced by the liberal illusion of the sovereignty of the People. Instead, he set about building Ecuador on the only stable foundation possible: the Rights of God and of His Catholic Church. Father Berthe summarises Moreno’s convictions as follows: “As a true Christian statesman, García Moreno believed that God had sent His Son upon earth to govern nations as well as souls; and that in consequence the true Constitution of a people should have Jesus Christ for its Head, and the Evangelical Code for its formula. Under this first and great authority, the State is formed, sword in hand, to defend the liberty of action of the Church, and to provide for the order and material well-being of the nation, so that the children of the Church should enjoy that superabundance of all good things promised to those who seek first the Kingdom of God and His justice. This secondary organ of government should be united to the Church as the body is to the soul, and on their regular and combined operations depend the good order of State, the prosperity of society, and the true liberty of individuals”.

What was the result? By the time of García Moreno’s death, Ecuador had become a peaceful, prosperous country, on a civilisational par with its European counterparts. Although he had drastically reduced taxation, almost completely paid off the national debt and had carried out expensive public works, García Moreno managed to double state revenue between 1869 and 1874! This was the “superabundance of all good things promised to those who seek first the Kingdom of God and His justice”.

Ireland, a Nation under God or Man?

So, what has all this got to do with Ireland in 2017? The answer is: everything! Like Ecuador, Ireland was once a country with a crushing Catholic majority. Unfortunately, unlike Ecuador, Ireland never had a García Moreno who was willing to place our country completely under the rule of God and His Church.

1916 Rising – great, brave patriots, but tragically unable to see beyond the liberal illusion offered by the French Revolution

Even though we had many well-intentioned, self-sacrificing, heroic patriots who were personally pious and holy, to a man they suffered from the same fatal flaw as Simón Bolívar: they could not see beyond the liberal illusion put forward by the French Revolution. In the Proclamation of 1916, although they “place[d] the Republic under the protection of the Most High God”, they undermined this by their statement that “the Republic guarantees religious…liberty”, with no distinction whatsoever between the True Religion and false religions. The extraordinary bravery of these men and their genuine, selfless love of Ireland – to the point of shedding their blood for her – only serves to highlight the tragedy of their blindness in this matter. If only they had followed García Moreno, rather than Bolívar, what a country Ireland could have been!

Independence was won, however, and after the Civil War, the Irish Constitution was drawn up in 1935. The Preamble of this Consitution began “in the Name of the Trinity, from Whom is all authority and to Whom, as our final end, all actions of both men and States must be referred” and went on to acknowledge “all our obligations to Our Divine Lord Jesus Christ”. However, these great statements were undermined in the body of the Constitution where the Catholic Church was not recognised as the One, True Religion founded by the same Divine Lord Jesus Christ, but only “as the guardian of the Faith professed by the great majority of the citizens”. Not only this, but the Constitution then went on to recognise “ the Church of Ireland, the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, the Methodist Church in Ireland, the Religious Society of Friends in Ireland, as well as the Jewish Congregations and the other religious denominations existing in Ireland”. So, from the beginning, Bunreacht na hÉireann bore in it the following glaring contradiction: on the one hand it professed to acknowledge Jesus Christ, but on the other hand it acknowledged the Jewish Congregations, who explicitly reject the same Jesus Christ, and the other heretical sects who explicitly reject the True Church of the same Jesus Christ!

Ireland in 1932. One million people worship God during Benediction on Dublin’s O’Connell Bridge.

“A kingdom divided against itself shall fall”
Christ said that a Kingdom divided against itself shall fall, and while the deep Faith of the Irish people maintained the Catholic character of the Nation in the early years, this failure to build the new country on that same Faith eventually came back to haunt us. By 1972, the same people had voted to reject even “the special position” of the Catholic Church. True, this rejection was paradoxically encouraged by the very representatives of that same Church, who had undergone their own French Revolution during the Second Vatican Council, but that is another story.

Ireland in 2015. 1.2 million people vote to reject God’s Natural Law concerning marriage.

Since, like Bolívar, we were not able to replace the Rights of Man with the Rights of God, in 2017 we are forced to admit with him: “Fellow citizens …we have won independence, but at the price of everything else”. Today’s Ireland would not be recognised by Irishmen of only a generation or two ago. Of course, Ireland has changed a lot from a material point-of-view, with new technologies and ways of doing things – but these are changes which are part and parcel of the normal progression of the human race, and do not necessarily attack the soul of the Nation.

The Irish Nation is dying

The Irish now look to the lying, rabidly anti-Catholic media for direction in their lives.

It is from the moral standpoint, however, that change has brought destruction. Religious practice is at an all-time low, and much of what is there is not so much based on the authority and unchanging Teaching of the Church as on the personal will and fancy of individuals. The Church has been replaced by the media as the country’s “moral” authority, which is daily feeding the people with anti-Catholic propaganda. Meanwhile, crime rates increase, alcohol and drug addiction soars, broken families are becoming more and more common, suicide is rampant, and Irishmen and women live their lives almost exclusively on the material level – sports events, concerts, nights out, social media, holidays occupy their minds. God, virtue, life after death – all have almost completely disappeared. All the while, the media keeps Ireland on a perpetual merry-go-round of entertainment.

Persecution of Catholicism in Ireland today is not bloody like in the Penal Days. It is much more subtle and dangerous.

This tyranny of the media and the political elite is not (yet) a bloody persecution of Catholicism as Ireland knew in the Penal Days. It is much more subtle, and therefore much more dangerous. Irish people can no longer think for themselves in any important matter – almost without realising it, their thought has been (and continues to be) slowly, but surely moulded by the propaganda of the various media outlets. In 2015, the Irish voted massively to legalise so-called gay marriage, something which would have been unthinkable only a few short years before. Currently, in 2017, the charge is on for the extension of the “law” permitting the murder of innocent children before birth, euphemistically (or, rather treacherously) termed by the media and many politicians as “termination of pregnancy”. The reaction to this latest attempt, while being carried out by many very brave and committed people, will certainly fail in the long-term, even if there is a certain amount of success in the short-term.

Why? Because these people are trying to fight against the Revolution with the weapons of the Revolution – the Rights of Man. Like Simón Bolívar, despite their bravery and good-will, they are doomed to failure. And Ireland, like every country in the world, will sink further and further into chaos because the Revolution always has, and always will bring about chaos and disorder.

The only solution for Ireland – a return to God

Pope Leo XIII.

That is, unless Ireland realises that it must do as García Moreno did – seek first the Kingdom of God and His justice. Only then, will our country enjoy the superabundance of good things that flow from this. We must stop trying to fight the Revolution on its own terrain, because it will always beat us there. Up to now, we have accepted the underlying principle of the Revolution – that the Rights of Man are more important than the Rights of God – but have fought against some of the ultimate conclusions of this principle (like abortion, for example) because they (rightly) hurt our sensibilities. But, if we really want to save our country, our only hope is to boldly assert the Rights of God and of His Catholic Church, all of them, and absolutely. We must become faithful to the Preamble of our Constitution by acknowledging all our obligations to Our Divine Lord Jesus Christ, the King. Many people will say that Catholic Ireland is dead forever. With García Moreno, we must reply: “God does not die!”

Red Hugh O’Donnell leading the Irish troops, Cross in hand, during the Nine Years War.


  1. Stirring stuff, indeed.

    I found this website through pewsitter.com. It seems to be very new. I am delighted to have at last found an Irish traditionalist website. Though I love the Remnant, 1Peter5 and Rorate Caeli, I have longed for something local, something closer to home. I wish you every success in your good work.

  2. I am so happy to see this! I love Garcia Moreno, and I have been so disappointed in Ireland, the Catholic root of my family. Thank you for defending the Faith, and speaking out clearly and accurately about the real teachings of God’s holy Church.

    1. I’m glad you liked this post. It’s true that it’s hard to believe Ireland has gone so far from the Faith in such a short time. Please God she will come back one day.