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End Irish Media Tyranny!

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Selective media criticism.

At every given opportunity, the Irish media shines a spotlight on the “control” which the Catholic Church exercised over the lives of Irish people in the bad old days … presumably just in case anyone would ever forget and actually be tempted to return to those days.

Newspaper, radio and television journalists love to portray our forefathers as labouring helplessly and unwillingly under the heavy yoke of a ruthless Church, whose bishops and priests (not to speak of those awful nuns!) governed every aspect of their lives…all against their will and better judgment, naturally.

They seem (or choose) to forget the facts. The Irish as a whole embraced the Catholic Faith (and therefore the authority of the Church) in the fifth century when Saint Patrick arrived on these shores, sent from Rome. Throughout the centuries, by the Grace of God, we were faithful to this Faith through thick and thin, good times and bad. The Irish were attached to their priests and bishops, protecting them and seeking out their spiritual services, sometimes at great cost to themselves. This bond with the Church, Its Teaching and Its Hierarchy continued after Catholic Emancipation in the nineteenth century, and is probably best exemplified by the gigantic turnout for the 1932 Eucharistic Congress held in Dublin. On that occasion, over one million people (who had travelled from all parts of the country at a time when transport was in its relative infancy) adored Christ in the Blessed Sacrament on and near O’Connell Bridge during the closing Benediction. Hardly a sign of a people labouring unwillingly under an oppressive yoke.

Interestingly, the same media never complains about the control which the Irish State exercised over the Irish people during that same period. If journalists love to highlight the supposedly oppressive laws of the Catholic Church of the time, why do they not do the same for the State? Whether they liked it or not (and surely many didn’t!), the Irish had to pay taxes, and obey whatever laws were decreed by the government. Yet, journalists are not constantly reminding us of the existence of this awful “tyranny”.

And if the “control” of the Church or State in Ireland was “oppressive” at that time, what should be said about it today? Literally every aspect of our lives is regulated by the State, to a degree unimagined by our fathers in either the ecclesiastical or civil spheres. Taxes are oppressive. Laws have been multiplied exponentially. The State has become more and more invasive. The Irish people have become little more than walking PPS numbers. And, yet, no complaint from the media!

Media tyranny conveniently ignored.

But, most hypocritically, our beloved media neglects to highlight the most insidious and far-reaching control of all which plagues modern Ireland. Hardly surprising, since this is the quasi-omnipotent psychological control which the media itself exerts over every Irish individual, and over Irish society as a whole.

Anyone with eyes to see is aware that over the past fifty years, the media in this country has acquired an almost unquestioned authority over our people. This authority was not earned; it was imposed, mainly for want of an alternative. Without many realising it, the media dictates precisely what people are to think in this country on practically every matter, but especially matters moral. If journalists decide tomorrow that black is white, then that is the way it will be…and woe betide anyone who dares to oppose them. The latest and most blatant example is that of “gender” ideology. The media here has succeeded in convincing people that an individual of the male sex can actually be of female gender, and vice-versa! This madness has been adopted in schools and other institutions across the country, and anyone who opposes it dare not speak out. Journalists have made such opposition to be a social mortal sin, which will not only be punished by social exclusion, but equally by civil law.

An underhand transfer of power has taken place.

Yes, the media in Ireland is tyrannical. And it tries to distract attention from its own tyranny by pointing to the supposed tyranny of the Catholic Church in the past. The media has never once put forward an argument which disproves the authority of the Church. Instead, it has thrown mud, time after time. Baseless accusations of tyranny follow one after another. The horrible sexual abuse scandals perpetrated by a tiny minority of clergy and religious have been blown out of all proportion and used essentially as a means to undermine the Church. No opportunity is missed.

And, sadly, Irish Church leaders have played right into their hands. At the same time as the media began attacking the Church’s authority, the Church leaders here (and everywhere) abdicated their authority, leaving the sheep to be devoured by the wolves. In many instances, bishops and priests have become as ridiculous and farcical as the clerical characters of the Father Ted series, invented by the very same media in order to discredit them.

So, what has actually happened in Ireland? As the Irish people slept, a transfer of power has taken place. Once governed by the sweet burden and light yoke of Christ’s Church (even if some of its representatives through human weakness may have sometimes acted unjustly), we are now slaving under the harsh burden of the media. Instead of listening once a week to the priest preaching the Truth of Christ from the pulpit, we are exposed every moment of every day to the lying propaganda of our media masters, who fundamentally hate everything which is true, good, beautiful and Irish. As the saying goes: Satan mimics God. The media is essentially the church of Satan. The journalists are its bishops and priests. The radio, television and newspapers are their pulpits. We are their faithful.

“That’s why your radio has a switch!”

But, the Church of Christ has true authority. This can be historically verified. The media, on the other hand, has only as much authority as we the Irish people decide to give it. Let’s give it no authority! As Gay Byrne once said when a listener complained about the content of a programme: “That’s why your radio has a switch!” Take Gay’s advice, and switch the media off as much as possible! Sure, we need to live in the world and have a minimum of knowledge of what is going on. But let’s try to keep it to that minimum.

Ultimately, we need to create our own alternative Catholic and patriotic media, which endeavours to uplift our people with the truth without being exposed to the mainstream media’s poisonous lies. With the internet and other technologies, people of like mind around the country could contribute daily or perhaps weekly news (local, national and international) which could be centralised and delivered from a Catholic and patriotic viewpoint…all at minimum cost.

Any budding journalists and reporters out there? Contribute your ideas on this question in the comment box below. Better light a candle than curse the darkness, as the old saying goes!


    1. Thanks, Garrett. Appreciate you reading and taking the time to comment…I watched Andrew Torba there, and it’s true that he has some interesting things to say about Facebook et al in Silicon Valley brainwashing us and censoring anything approaching sanity.

      However, I’m afraid that his reaction to this left-wing censorship is flawed. He and his social network company, Gab, pushes complete freedom of speech, without any restrictions, except what is illegal (see Gab Community Guidelines here: https://gab.ai/about/guidelines). For example, the Guidelines state that the “only valid form of censorship is an individual’s own right to opt out”. Consistent with this principle, Gab states that it disallows “illegal pornography”, but allows “legal pornography”.

      However, this is not Catholic. As Pope Leo XIII teaches in his encyclical on true liberty (Libertas Praestantissimum): “Men have a right freely and prudently to propagate throughout the State what things soever are true and honorable, so that as many as possible may possess them; but lying opinions, than which no mental plague is greater, and vices which corrupt the heart and moral life should be diligently repressed by public authority, lest they insidiously work the ruin of the State. The excesses of an unbridled intellect, which unfailingly end in the oppression of the untutored multitude, are no less rightly controlled by the authority of the law than are the injuries inflicted by violence upon the weak. And this all the more surely, because by far the greater part of the community is either absolutely unable, or able only with great difficulty, to escape from illusions and deceitful subtleties, especially such as flatter the passions”. (See full encyclical here: http://w2.vatican.va/content/leo-xiii/en/encyclicals/documents/hf_l-xiii_enc_20061888_libertas.html).

      It seems to me that the censorship we must oppose is a censorship which denies the truth the right to exist and be spread about. This is the case with the media here in Ireland, for example. But, as Catholics, we also have to support a censorship which denies error the right to spread.