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Creed adds insult to injury – calls on UK to “take a leaf from Irish approach to referenda”!

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Minister Michael Creed counting the number of times the Irish liberal elite has duped the electorate.

Agriculture Minister Michael Creed added insult to injury today when he suggested that the British government should imitate Ireland’s “approach to referenda” and organise a re-run of last year’s Brexit referendum. He said:

“Obviously if [the UK] were to take a leaf from the Irish approach to referenda and either have a rerun or reflect that these referenda in the UK are only consultative, that would be ideal from our point of view.”

Who was right?

Creed is, of course, referencing the European referenda relating to the Nice and Lisbon Treaties. The referendum on the Nice Treaty was run in 2001, but when it was rejected, it was re-run the following October. This time, voters accepted it. The Lisbon Treaty referendum took place in June 2008, and was similarly rejected. Once more, the government held a re-run in 2009, when the Treaty was accepted. On both occasions, the liberal elite showed absolute contempt for the Irish electorate. Each time, the media and main political parties carried out expensive propaganda offensives to obtain the desired result – the treacherous advancement of the European Union project, which is both anti-God and anti-Nations.

As we all know, the current government has decided to repeat the referendum on abortion, even though on two occasions in the past (1983 and 1992) the Irish made their views clear. However, in 1992, while rejecting abortion in this country, the electorate nevertheless recognised the “right” of women to travel to commit abortion and the “right” of women to obtain information on abortion. Since these results suited the liberal elite, there has never been any question of re-running the relevant referenda. Likewise, the 1972 referendum (deleting the constitutional reference to the special position of the Catholic Church in  Ireland), the 1995 referendum “legalising” divorce and the 2015 abomination “legalising” homosexual “marriage” have never been, and never will be revisited. 

The pattern? A referendum result will be respected if, and only if, it reflects the desire of the liberal elite. In other words, all referenda are equal, but some referenda are more equal than others…

The Irish liberal elite proudly displaying its motto.

Minister Michael Creed shows that (if we needed any proof) he and the current government are in perfect continuity with the traitors who have gone before them in this country. He and his fellow liberals despise the Irish to such an extent that they do not even attempt to hide the contemptuous manipulation which they daily practice. Even more, they publicly encourage other governments to do likewise, without any fear of backlash from the cowed electorate.

The Minister’s comments should only serve to strengthen our resolve to reject this whole European project which has only one ultimate aim: to subsume Ireland and all the Nations of Europe in an atheistic, one-world Superstate – all by stealth. 

After Brexit, Irexit!